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libe Innovation is an Attitude, not a department libe
— Unknown

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We are committed to pushing the boundaries of Creative Brand Innovation and enhancing the passenger’s brand experience.

Innovation is the key to success!

At LibelluleInnovation, we understand that the aerospace industry is constantly seeking to innovate. The products we have launched have always been well-received. This shows that successful innovation and changing long-standing industry processes are possible, all while protecting the environment.

We promote research, innovation, design thinking, and provide pioneering know-how to the aerospace community:

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Investing in Research & Development.

Every year, we invest 10% of our revenues in research and development so we can continue to innovate in ways that best serve our customers.

This constant innovation has enabled us to discover and effectively address surface constraints (corrugation, different composites, rivets, doors, etc.), contamination from chemicals and pressurized zones as well as to enhance our knowledge of atmospheric areas most affected by the wind, water, and frost.

With extensive scientific research into spectrometry, color pigments in your graphics, material combinations and wear analysis, we can now seamlessly replace an element on the drift or fuselage that is deteriorated by corrosion or abrasion – even when it’s not visible to the naked eye.

You no longer need to change the graphics on your aircraft from nose to drift.

But we didn’t stop at research into spectrometry and material resistance! Our R & D tech division developed a program that allows us to analyze curves and calculate total surface area, effectively transforming your devices into a blank canvas. Now you can apply any graphic to your aircraft, taking into account all contingencies

Vocation and passion define LibelluleMonde. We’ve been investing in research and development since 1998. Our R & D network includes partners such as universities, government institutions, and the National Research Council of Canada.