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  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Modeling

You can get a glimpse of your design before receipt of your livery or decals.

We offer 3D modeling services. We can also model the Interior of your aircraft or reply to any other request for 2D and 3D drawings.


  • libelluleMonde   Delegates from Transport Canada (Engineers)
  • libelluleMonde   Certified products and installation
  • libelluleMonde   Qualified designers with many years of service in the aerospace field. They are listening to your needs and will put your vision on paper within the required time
  • libelluleMonde   Installation plan - allows installation without calculations
  • libelluleMonde   Training with certified qualified 3M professionals
  • libelluleMonde   Optimized installation time
  • libelluleMonde   Uninstall and install the same day
  • libelluleMonde   Artwork: FTP upload | Art Preparation | Resolution table
  • libelluleMonde   Graphics Care
  • For more information on prices, quotes and volume rebates, please contact us and say hello!